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The primary purpose of this website . . .

This website is dedicated to hundreds of thousands of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) scattered all over the world, including those who are already back home after a time of working overseas. If you are one of them, this website is for you. You can join us at no cost. It is totally free.

The primary purpose of this website is to help you build your long term savings at your own convenient places/facilities, and use it as a foundation to build wealth for your family.

How do we do this?. We do this by providing information and knowledge, or resources, mainly about savings and wealth-building, plus resources on internet education. All members can access fresh information, or new resource materials, every month for free.

A free e-course

The first resource material you can have is a free e-course entitled "How to Build Your Savings". This is a six (6) sessions e-course, with each session delivered every 5 days, and is therefore completed in less than one month.

This e-course is immediately available after you subscribe in by filling up the form provided at the end of this page. Once you are subsribed in, you will be given access to all the sessions, one at a time, based on pre-determined schedules.

Why start with an e-course on savings? Becasue savings is your first step in wealth building, and perhaps your most important step.

Everyone agrees that savings is very important for every family. Yet, most people have Zero or minimal savings! Now, isn't that very interesting?

Nobody can build wealth without a clear knowledge and understanding of the principles of savings. You cannot build wealth simply because money will always find a way of going out.

There are thousands of reasons for money to get out. It will only stay if you have learned the fundamental principles of savings, not only in theory, but most importantly in actual practice.

That is why the first free e-course we are giving you, right after you join this free membership site, is an e-course on "how to build your savings".

You will not be limited to this e-course. You will also have access to many other resources that will be made available in this website from time to time, and month to month, as long as this website is up and you are a member.

Your training center for financial and internet education. . .

Look also at this website as a free training center for you. Although the first e-course is about savings, this training center is not limited to this subject. Basically, this training center covers two broad areas, namely:1. Financial education and 2. Internet education.

These two areas are not totally different from each other. They are related in many ways because we are now in the information age.

When you join us, you will have access to relevant and valuable information from a number of resources. These resources will help expand your knowledge in these areas.
Over time, you will gain expertise in financial matters and the world of internet. While the cost would most likely be big if you get this education somewhere, here it is absolutely free!!

You might ask, 'where do we get the money needed to maintain this website if the services we offer are free'?. The answer to that question is through the ads that will be featured later in this website coming from third parties like,, Affiliate Companies and others.

Some of these ads in our website will lead to some sales earning for us commissions. That is why we can offer certain privileges for free despite the fact that there is a cost to setup and maintain this website.

You are of course under no compulsion to buy these advertised products. You should only buy when you are sure the benefits far outweigh the cost involved. Remember that we are promoting savings, not expenses.

After sometime, we also plan to launch SBS Gold Association, which is a paid membership site. A paid membership site will have more privileges, of course. Any member who does not want to upgrade to the paid membership site can just stay here at our free membership site.

Be a part of the only online community of its kind. . .

One of the advantages of joining the SBS Bronze Association is the fact that you have joined an online community of like-minded people, Which directly or indirectly provides you an additional motivation and encouragement to continue your education, build your own savings, and build wealth for your family.

Sharing of personal experiences will be made through the blog of the association. This will facilitate learning from each other's individual experiences. Each member will have the opportunity to share his/her ideas and the opportunity to learn from the other members. This blog is accessible at the members' area.

Summary of benefits. . .

In summary, members will have the following privileges and benefits:

1. Joining a special online community of OFWs

2. sharing and learning from each other's experiences thru our blog

3. free special reports

4. free e-books

5. free video training

6. free e-courses and tutorial

There are at least four freebies; special reports, e-books, training videos and e-courses. Every month at least one of these freebies will be made available at the members area of the website.

Not all the four freebies may be available in a given month, but we will try to at least release one free gift every month and explore the possibility of giving more resources as we go along and as our capacity, or capability, increases.

We are now in the information age. To stay ahead one must be continually updated. We will strive to keep up with the demand of the times to make our online SBS Bronze Association stay strong as we move forward to the future.

Think of yourself as someone going to school to gain financial and internet education under a full scholarship because the e-courses and the resource materials are all free. Plus, you can continue your study wherever you are, as long as you have access to computers. What else can be better than this?.

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